Christian Books

How to Write a Christian Book Revue

This is my basic information for the process of revueing books.  When I write it for posting, the format is a little different than what your see because I want to provide a short, quick, easy-to-read revue as well as a longer revue with much more detail.  Admittedly, I am still refining it.

1.   Bibliographic information
a.   Title
b.   Author
c.   Publisher
d.   Place
e.   Date of most recent edition
f.    Number of pages
2.   Rating
a.   Base the rating on the evaluation and application
b.   On a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best
3.   Author’s bio
a.   Author’s experience and education
b.   Why would this qualify him to write this book?
4.   Contents
a.   What is the topic of the book?
b.   How does the author develop his topic?
5.   Evaluation
a.   Theology
                                 i.    What is the book’s theological perspective?
                                ii.    How does it compare to the creeds and evangelical distinctives in the statement of faith?
b.   Research
                                 i.    Does the author do credible research?
                                ii.    What are the positives/negatives in the author’s research?
c.    Writing
                                 i.    How is the writing? 
                                ii.    Are ideas clearly presented?
6.   Application  
a.   Who would this book appeal too?
b.   How could it be useful?